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El mejor Centro de Yoga Pilates Gracia San Gervasio Sant Gervasi Yoga Nidra Barcelona

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A Yoga Pilates Barra de Danza en Gracia y Sant Gervasi cerca Plaza Molina       Vive activo y sano Para mantenerse joven a cualquier edad Barcelona     abdominales-hipopresivos-barcelona-gimnasia-hipopresiva-barcelona-pilates-hipopresivos-pilates-hipopresivos-barcelona-yoga-hipopresivo-barcelona-adelgazar-saludable-f

Centres Darshan:    

Yoga-Pilates-Barre  and  Pilates-Barre (Dance Bar to Elongate)   

for Beginners and General Level in Barcelona, Gracia / Sant Gervasi   

Also Yoga-Nidra-Mindfulness

Opinions and real comments of some students:

1.- I do the Nidra Mindfulness Yoga class, it brings me a lot at the level of stress management, re-focusing on myself, getting disconnected, I learn a lot. We have a very nice and involved teacher. The center is cozy, I recommend it! OPINION ON GOOGLE BUSINESS

2.- I have been practicing Yoga-Pilates in this Center for a year: the rooms are spacious and bright, the very professional teachers and the practice of yoga-Pilates with the final minutes of nidra meditation help me every week physically and psychologically. Highly recommended! OPINION ON GOOGLE BUSINESS

Be fit, Stretch and Relax:

The YOGA-PILATES-BARRA, and the PILATES-BARRA (Dance Bar), DARSHAN SYSTEM are Complete, Accurate and Postural Correction Systems of Conscious Movement that:

They help you stay “fit”: body and mind, if you practice them with CONSTANCE,

Improve your posture and even your mood: you go out with more energy and also more relaxed.
Good posture also has effects on self-esteem and even aesthetics: real feeling of more space and height and decompression of the abdominal area.

You gain flexibility, agility and vitality,
You rejuvenate the body and the mind,
Practices Yoga Nidra Mindfulness DARSHAN SYSTEM, one of the best relaxation and meditation techniques (in yoga-pilates sessions)

We also follow the philosophical, energetic and meditative part of yoga and, at the same time, the execution of the “Physical Part” is VERY DIFFERENT, ABOVE ALL, in terms of OPTIMAL PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION.

Another VERY IMPORTANT Darshan difference from other Centers: We do not perform the typical postures that unnecessarily compress the joints “on the head”, “lotus”, “clamp pushing the lumbar discs”, etc.
All our Systems work IN DOWNLOAD THE COLUMN, which PROTECTS EFFECTIVELY the Intervertebral Disks of the Column and Neck.

They are systems that encourage the #EfortAgradable and #DeeplyLiberator. With different levels of intensity (being careful is compatible with more or less intensity, IT IS NOT THE SAME AS “SOFT”).

  • Ideal ages to start in these practices, according to our Experience: from 25 to 55 years: we offer different levels.

  • There are many people who start from the age of 35, which is when Health, Welfare and Quality are valued most. We also have some people who are older and who stay perfectly because they have been coming to DARSHAN for YEARS.

  • In DARSHAN come people from all professions. We have the significant honor of having several doctors among our students.

  • You work in Grupo Reducido and with your place reserved for you. There is also a flexible schedule, if you notify in advance.

We are currently in several bright and spacious rooms between Gracia and Sant Gervasi,  Barcelona (Catalonia). 

Teachers with more than 18 years of Experience and Dedication
and with the collaboration of Associated Physiotherapists in Barcelona.
Small groups and with reserved square. There is relative flexibility warning with ANTELATION.

Near Plaza Gala Placidia, Plaza Molina, Metro Fontana and Cinemas Bosque, in Barcelona (#GraciaSantGervasi)

You can also call us at 620638662. If we are not avalaible, please leave NAME AND PHONE and we will call you as soon as possible, thanks.
You can fill out this form and we will inform you!

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